Students at Harem NiteJoin us and enjoy the spirit of the dance and the special people in our program. Our emphasis is on learning and executing dance steps with accuracy, flexibility, grace and poise. Movement and rhythms guide this dance that is shared among women throughout time and across continents. Our classes offer every student the opportunity to perform during our Harem Nites and other special events. We are also available for private and group sessions (Call 214-301-5714)!

NeWS13enah is a dedicated teacher of the program.

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Authentic Belly Dancing Academy’s Class Schedule

(Each class session starts at the beginning of each month)

Session Fees:

$50 per month for 1 session (1 class per week for the month)

$85 per month for 2 sessions (2 classes per week for the month)

$105 per month for 3 sessions (3 classes per week for the month)

(1 session = 1 month of 1 class)

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Class(es) you will attend:

Beginner / Belly Dance Technique

Students who want to work on fundamental belly dance techniques are encouraged to attend regardless of skill level. Class is open to beginners through intermediate students.

Tuesday Evenings

7:30 – 8:30 pm

Intermediate / Advanced Belly Dance

 Students will learn intermediate / advanced technique, combinations and choreography working with zills, props, etc. and building upon technique learned in the first hour/class.

Tuesday Evenings

8:30 – 9:30 pm


Wednesday Evenings

This class is by invitation only

Class Descriptions

Belly Dance Technique Classes:Our belly dance technique classes are structured to allow students to develop at their own pace. You will learn to develop a sound foundation for belly dancing. We’ll explore different music and rhythms (i.e., Egyptian, Arabic, Turkish, etc.) that make this dance so beautiful. You will build a stronger physical body with flexibility and endurance, learn dance history and feminine artistic expressions, and discover the joy of movement. You will need to master the steps outlined in the technique classes before moving on to our intermediate belly dance classes.  These classes are for students who want to work on the fundamental belly dance techniques.  All students are invited and encouraged to attend regardless of skill level.  Class is open to beginners, intermediates and advanced students.

Intermediate Belly Dance: In this class, you will expand your repertoire of dance steps, rhythm knowledge, and music vocabulary. While learning graceful transitions between moves and fun combinations, you will also learn the framework for building exciting choreography by enhancing your skills in layering movements, level changes, directional changes, and emphasizing and de-emphasizing movement to match the music. This class includes and introduction to the use of props such as veil, candle, and sword. You will need to master this class before moving into our advanced belly dance class. Instructor approval needed for enrollment in this class.

Intermediate Zill Drill Class: This unique zill drill class, which is included in both intermediate belly dance classes, will help you become proficient in playing various zill patterns (i.e., beledi, kashlimar, chiftetelli, bolero, and other variations of the 4/4, 9/8, 6/8, and 2/4 patterns). You will need to master this class before moving into the advanced group.

Advanced Belly Dance: Get exposed to sophisticated steps and skilled layering techniques. Students in this class must have the fundamental ability to play zills while dancing. Strength building and mastery of transitions in footwork and body isolations is emphasized here. We explore the explosive, dynamic isolations required for drum solos! This class can be an aggressive workout. Advanced work with props such as veil, candle, and sword technique is taught. Members of this group will master advanced choreographies, performance skills, costuming, and the world of entertainment protocol and professionalism.

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